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Bible verses about Elijah
(From Nave's Topical Bible)

-1. The Tishbite, a Gileadite and prophet, called ELIAS in the King James Version of the N. T. .Persecuted by Ahab I Kings 17:2-7; 18:7-10 .Escapes to the wilderness, where he is miraculously fed by ravens I Kings 17:1-7 .By divine direction goes to Zarephath, where he is sustained in the household of a widow, whose meal and oil are miraculousiy increased I Kings 17:8-16 .Returns, and sends a message to Ahab I Kings 18:1-16 .Meets Ahab and directs him to assemble the prophets of Baal I Kings 18:17-20 .Derisively challenges the priests of Baal to offer sacrifices I Kings 18:25-29 .Kills the prophets of Baal I Kings 18:40 .Escapes to the wilderness from the fierceness of Jezebel I Kings 19:1-18 .Fasts for forty days I Kings 19:8 .Despondency and complaints of I Kings 19:10, 14 .Consolation given to I Kings 9:11-18 .Flees to the wilderness of Damascus; directed to anoint Hazael king over Syria, Jehu king over Israel, and Elisha to be a prophet in his own place I Kings 19:9-21 .Personal aspect of II Kings 1:8 .Piety of I Kings 19:10, 14; Luke 1:17; Romans 11:2; James 5:17 .His translation II Kings 2:11 .Appears to Jesus at his transfiguration Matthew 17:3, 4; Mark 9:4; Luke 9:30 .Antitype of John the Baptist Matthew 11:14; 16:14; 17:10-12; Mark 9:12, 13; Luke 1:17; John 1:21-25

-MIRACLES OF .Increases the oil of the widow of Zarephath I Kings 17:14-16 .Raises the son of the woman of Zarephath from the dead I Kings 17:17-24 .Causes rain after seven years of drought I Kings 18:41-45; James 5:17, 18 .Causes fire to consume the sacrifice I Kings 18:24, 36-38 .Calls fire down upon the soldiers of Ahaziah II Kings 1:10-12; Luke 9:54

-PROPHECIES OF .Foretells a drought I Kings 17:3 .The destruction of Ahab and his house I Kings 21:17-29; II Kings 9:25-37 .The death of Ahaziah II Kings 1:2-17 .The plague sent as a judgment upon the people in the time of Jehoram, king of Israel II Chronicles 21:12-15

-2. Also called ELIAH .A Benjamite chief I Chronicles 8:27

-3. A post-exile Jew Ezra 10:21

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