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biblestudy: Amos (Part 4)

Amos 2:12-16
John W. Ritenbaugh
Given 15-Mar-88; Sermon #BS-AM04; 90 minutes

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John Ritenbaugh reiterates that when a person contemplates revenge, he makes an enemy of God. Amos, like a circling hawk, makes dire pronouncements on all of Israel's enemies but reserves the harshest judgment for Israel, who should have known better, having made the covenant with Almighty God, but profaning their calling and drifting into moral complacency. God's church, the Israel of God, must realize that closeness to God comes with a weighty responsibility. God's justice is the same for everybody; He is no respecter of persons. The church is warned not to mix His truth and pagan (or worldly) error in the manner of Jeroboam I. We desperately need to cultivate (with the help of God's Holy Spirit) an ardent love of the truth. Modern Israel, prosperous and indulgent, is chastised for covetousness, indifference to the poor, and perversion of justice.

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Amorites Baal Blowing nose analogy Bribing judge Cain and Abel Carousing Casual relationship with truth Christmas David Defrauding Deliverance Despising of truth Divine favoritism Easter Excuses Family farm Fellowship Fertility cult Fines God's involvement Golden calf Holiness Jeroboam I Monopolies Non-moral religion Old time religion Oppression of poor Moab Nazarites Perverting justice Pride Samuel Johnson Self control Sunday worship Syncretistic religion Taking revenge Temple prostitution Trivial lawsuits Uriah Vengeance Worship of Baal

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