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biblestudy: Amos (Part 6)

Amos 3 & 4
John W. Ritenbaugh
Given 12-Apr-88; Sermon #BS-AM06; 87 minutes

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John Ritenbaugh reiterates that the "favorite-son status" of Israel was conditional, based upon accepting the terms of their covenant with God. Unfortunately, both ancient and modern Israel have placed their trust in wealth or material things rather than God. God's anger has been aroused as a result of Israel's physical and spiritual defilement—refusing to become sanctified, separate from the ways of the world. God's holiness sets Him apart from everything else, and like Him, His people must become totally different from the world. Instead, our defilement, stemming from our desire to please the self at the expense of others, separates us from Him! The root of sin or immorality lies in man's desire to live his life in self-centered independence from God. We must enlist God's Spirit to kill our self-centered ego, yielding to God's transforming power.

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Adam and Eve American economic strength Ashtoreth Baal Body centered existence Comparisons between a dog and a man Cows of Bashan Defilement Favorite son attitude Fortified castles Fortified palaces God's anger God's isolation from His people God's oath Harlot Holy Holy place Holy Spirit Holy woman Holiness Isaiah's sense of impurity Ishtar Judah Mistress of the house Most holy Needy Number of completion Oppression of the poor Repentance Sanctification Self pleasing Sin's isolation Spiritual defilement Swear by holiness Tabernacle Tamar Temple prostitutes Trust in material things Way of life Women as trend setters

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