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biblestudy: Amos (Part 10)

Amos 5 & 6
John W. Ritenbaugh
Given 17-May-88; Sermon #BS-AM10; 88 minutes

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John Ritenbaugh warns the greater Church of God that since we constitute the Israel of God, the book of Amos directly applies to us. The pilgrimages to Gilgal made by the people of ancient Israel were repulsive to God because no permanent change (in terms of justice ' hating evil and loving good or righteous behavior) occurred in their lives as a result of these pilgrimages. In terms of human relationships, instead of God's Commandments and instead of the Golden Rule, Israel zealously practiced self-centered, pragmatic situation ethics- liberally mixed or syncretized with pagan religion. Unlike ceremonial religion, true religion reaches out and touches every aspect of life, making a permanent transformation or change in thought and behavior. Ceremony and sincerity cannot be considered mutually exclusive components of religion. God, totally impartial in His dealings with all people, demands a higher standard of righteous behavior from those who have consciously made a covenant with Him and are acquainted with His Law.

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Absence of sin offering Appeasing force Being fair Broken spirit Checking religion in a box Chiun Contact with God Contrite heart Day of the Lord Den of thieves Devotion to the creator Driving behavior Equity Even handed Eye for an eye Fairness Gilgal God's law God's nature Golden rule Guilt Hating evil Justice run down Justice Lex Italianus Littering the highways Mercy Moral obedience Mount Sinai Passover Pilgrimages Pray/ prey Loving good Old time religion Propitiation Redemption Relations with people Religion in America Religious error Religious game Retribution Roll down Sikkuth Sin offering Spirit and Truth Transformation Zeal not according to knowledge

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