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biblestudy: Amos (Part 12)

Amos 6 & 7
John W. Ritenbaugh
Given 14-Jun-88; Sermon #BS-AM12; 88 minutes

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John Ritenbaugh warns that the pride of Jacob (or his offspring) coupled with the incredible ability to make tremendous technological advances, blinds Israel to its devastating moral deficit. Amos begins with a description or cataloging of the sins of Israel's enemies, followed by a harsh indictment of its own sins and a roar of wrath (or justice), followed by the encirclement by its enemies and its ultimate fall. Thankfully, after punishing His people, God will redeem them and faithfully fulfill His covenant with them. God, in His sovereignty, will do what He must to bring Abraham's seed to repentance and salvation, including allowing crisis, hardship, humiliation, and calamity. As the Israel of God, we dare not complacently take our special covenant-relationship for granted, realizing that His plumbline (a combination of grace and law) will measure us, testing our spirituality while showing absolutely no favoritism or partiality. We need to see ourselves from God's perspective.

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Breaking contracts Building on foundation of Christ Business practices Calamity Combination of grace and lawComplacent attitude Covenant God Divine fire False religion Fruits of righteousness Growing to the stature and measure of Christ Holiness House of Jeroboam Imitating God Impotence of false religion Israel of God Jealous God Jordan River Joshua Keeping our word Laodicean Locust swarms Lord God Measuring rod National disaster Perpendicular to square Plumb line Pride Purifying fire Religious make believe Repentance Searching for God's understanding Searching for God's will Self indulgence Self satisfaction Stature and fullness of Christ Technological advancements Technology Test by fire Testing genuineness of spirituality

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