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biblestudy: Amos (Part 14)

Amos 8 & 9
John W. Ritenbaugh
Given 12-Jul-88; Sermon #BS-AM14; 88 minutes

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John Ritenbaugh reiterates that the false religions embraced by the descendants of Jacob are not preparing God's people for the harsh punishment God will surely bring to modern Israel. Amos indicts rampant dishonest practices in modern Israel, placing dishonest gain above honesty, morality, or ethics, and arrogantly and covetously exploiting the needy for profit. Competition-eat or be eaten- becomes the dominant business ethic in modern Israel. Amos suggests that a major contributory cause of natural disasters (earthquakes, drought, famines, and floods) is the epidemic of immorality omnipresent in the land of Jacob (totally neutralizing the otherwise positive effects of prosperity and technology)Prophecy should serve as a prod or motivation to prepare appropriately for the future, zealously guarding the truth against a counterfeit (politically active or influential) syncretistic pagan religion [patterned after the manner of Jeroboam I], safeguarding against an impending famine of the word. God will demolish this satanic religious-political system, re-gathering a repentant bruised and battered remnant of His people.

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Affluent society Ashima Basket of ripe fruit Basket of summer fruit Beersheba Changing nature of God Counterfeit Feast of Tabernacles Counterfeit holy of holies Dan Day of the Lord Dishonest business practices Edom Exploitation of the needy False religion Famine of the word of God Feast of Tabernacles God's involvement God's sovereignty Golden calves Hostile takeover Jeroboam I Jeroboam II Laodicean Pilgrimage to Beersheba Plight of American farmer Plumb line Predator Pride of Jacob Prophecy Pun on pass by Pun on pass over Pun on pass through Quack religion Repentance Sin of Jeroboam Sieve Swearing by holiness Swearing by pride of Jacob Tabernacle of David Victimization

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