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sermonette: A Sacrifice Is An Investment

John W. Ritenbaugh
Given 11-Oct-03; Sermon #FT03-02s; 16 minutes

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John Ritenbaugh torpedoes the notion that sacrifice should be viewed as something lost, but should be considered an investment for a greater future reward or blessing. Using the sports metaphor of Lance Armstrong who made great sacrifices for his bicycle riding skills, the sermonette emphasizes that daily sacrifices are necessary for a greater ultimate good. In these preliminary exercises, if we sow sparingly (or practice sparingly), we will reap sparingly (or attain less than optimum results. The Apostle Paul considered his many sacrifices as real spiritual gain. We are all recipients of his sacrifice. The most spectacular sacrifice ever made was the life of Jesus Christ. We are all still reaping the dividends of this sacrifice. We need to also make sacrifices as investments in our spiritual future, fully committed to the product God is producing.

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