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sermonette: An Acceptable Offering

John W. Ritenbaugh
Given 06-Apr-04; Sermon #659As; 16 minutes

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In this offertory message, John Ritenbaugh, comparing the widow's acceptable offering in Mark 12, to Cain's unacceptable sacrifice in Genesis 4, indicates that we must give offerings to become acceptable and satisfying to God. Our offering must be a total sacrifice — total commitment, wholehearted, given in zeal and energy, with a view of becoming totally consumed, as depicted in God's numerous examples of completely consuming offerings by fire. As living sacrifices, we must give our lives totally consumed in zeal to the service of God. Like the widow, we must give with the purpose of being totally consumed.

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Cain's offering Consumable sacrifice Consuming fire Fire Offering Widow's mite Zeal

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