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sermonette: All Things Are Yours

The Essential Solution to Disunity
Richard T. Ritenbaugh
Given 14-Aug-04; Sermon #680s; 20 minutes

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Richard Ritenbaugh, acknowledging that the prophecy in Daniel 12:7 is well on its way to fulfillment, provides an approach to deal with the grim consequences of escalating shattering and scattering. The Apostle Paul chastised the Corinthians for their partisan cliques, asking them to get their minds off personality cults (motivated by carnal, ego-driven motives, espousing pet, non-essential, twiggy, and divisive doctrines.) Paul, distancing himself from partisan politics and hero worship, reminds the Corinthians that ministers should be humble servants of Christ, serving for the benefit of the members of the church, helpers of their joy, or tools for their edification- enabling all to conform to the mind, will and body of Christ. If we humbly submit to Christ, in the spirit of Ephesians 4:1-6, Christ will know who belongs to Him, regardless of which physical organization we find ourselves.

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