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sermonette: Antidotes to Anxiety

Pre-Feast Trials
Bill Onisick
Given 18-Sep-04; Sermon #686s; 15 minutes

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Bill Onisick, focusing upon the perennial problem of Pre-feast trials or anxieties, examines the root causes of anxiety- fear of future- or fear of not having our needs provided . Our God has assured us that He will provide us with everything we need. We need to be sure that we do not confuse our wants with our needs. We need to be careful that our anxieties do not stem from negative peer pressure, forcing us to "fit into" the mold of this ungodly world. We are admonished to displace fear with earnest prayer, leading to faith in God's ability to provide, bringing about a deeply felt peace that passes all understanding. Our fear of God will help us to override all worldly fears. Faith and earnest prayer shields us from all anxieties.

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