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sermonette: Awaiting Release

What To Do During Trials
David C. Grabbe
Given 04-Oct-05; Sermon #741Bs; 17 minutes

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David Grabbe, focusing upon Joseph's release from prison and his glorification as second in command of all of Egypt, draws parallels to our own prison experiences (physical infirmities, mental problems, employment problems, financial problems) and the contemplation of the glorious release and glorification as rulers in God's Kingdom. Until Joseph was released he made good use of his time demonstrating diligence and resourcefulness while refraining from taking on a rebellious and sullen attitude. Like Joseph, we must faithfully endure our trials, being faithful stewards even when we do not feel it. Like Joseph, we need to be a vessel of honor, being a light to those around us. Like Joseph, we need to be tuned into God through prayer, meditation, and studying God's Truth found in His Word. Trials should be considered exam time.

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