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sermonette: A Time of Great Sacrifice

Bill Onisick
Given 21-Oct-05; Sermon #FT05-06s; 16 minutes

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Bill Onisick, reflecting upon the anticipation and joy of the Feast of Tabernacles, suggests it is a time of joy and sacrifice. In the book of Numbers we find a pattern of sacrifice and offerings. Many metaphorical spiritual parallels are found in the New Covenant in the form of living sacrifices, exemplified by Jesus as both a literal sacrifice and a pattern by which we conduct our lives. Interestingly the sacrifices are all divisible by seven. Christ has been metaphorically symbolized as an ox (an uncomplaining laborer or servant). Daily reduction of sacrifices represent the vanishing of the physical sacrifices replaced by Christ, bringing in the incremental increase of the character of God—a complete and total devotion and surrender to God, putting to death our carnal nature.

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