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sermonette: Aligning to God's Will

Relinquish Control
Bill Onisick
Given 31-Dec-05; Sermon #753s; 15 minutes

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The only way we can take control of our lives is by admitting we are not in control, but subject to God's plan for us. Paradoxically, true peace of mind comes from accepting that we are not in control, but instead comes from aligning ourselves to God's sovereign will. The spirit of quiet submission is found in David's Psalm 143, written at a time he was fleeing from his son Absalom. Like David, we must begin each day fully persuaded of God's kindness, continually growing in understanding of understanding God's will, asking Him for deliverance from our enemies but having the courage to yield to God's will for our lives even in a fiery trial. By relinquishing control, we increasingly place our destiny into God's hands. Like a car out of alignment, our carnal minds continually pull us out of alignment with God's purpose. We can only correct this misalignment by looking through spiritual lenses as we encounter frustrations and trials, realizing that these troublesome events often strengthen our character. All things do work together for good to those who faithfully yield to God's purpose.

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