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sermonette: An Attitude of Thanksgiving

Gratitude Keeps God in Our View
Ted E. Bowling
Given 18-Nov-06; Sermon #801s; 15 minutes

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Ted Bowling, reflecting on the upcoming national celebration of Thanksgiving, suggests that gratitude no longer seems to be given to God, but the day seems, for many people, to be a time of football games and holiday shopping. The obligation to show praise to Almighty God should extend the year around. As God's chosen, we must take special care to give God praise and thanksgiving for the continuous bounty and blessings He has given us. Herbert W. Armstrong pointed out that perhaps the biggest sin in the church was a lack of thanksgiving. Gratitude and thankfulness is an attitude we need to exhibit to enable us to remain at one with God. By being thankful, we will find it easier to keep God's commandments.

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