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sermonette: A Memorial of God's Provision

Building Our Spiritual Memorials
Bill Onisick
Given 09-Apr-07; Sermon #823Bs; 16 minutes

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Bill Onisick, focusing upon the lessons we should learn from our forebears in the Sinai (I Corinthians 10:11), reminds us that we, too, have the same weaknesses, having a carnal propensity to sin. The only difference between them and us is God's gift of His Holy Spirit. As Joshua prepared to cross over the Jordan, a parallel miracle to the crossing of the Red Sea occurred just before the Passover. Joshua commanded that a memorial be constructed—one stone for each tribe. Subsequently, they were to construct monuments at the edge of the Jordan River and Gilgal. We also need to be reminded, with spiritual monuments placed in our minds, of God's intervention in our lives. We are to be memorials for each other as the lively spiritual stones of God's temple.

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