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sermonette: A Change of Heart

Nineveh Repented, Believed, Humbled Themselves, and Lived
Ted E. Bowling
Given 04-Aug-07; Sermon #841s; 15 minutes

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Ted Bowling, reflecting on the topic of fasting, points out that the wicked inhabitants of the wealthy, powerful, pride-filled, and arrogant city of Nineveh saved their physical lives by humbly fasting after hearing the prophetic warning from Jonah. Likewise, we have an opportunity to save our spiritual lives through prayer and fasting. When God preaches a message of warning, He expects works of repentance. Do we have a change of heart when God preaches sermons to us, warning of dire consequences if we persist in our sins? Are we as moved as the citizens of Nineveh to cry out to God to rescue us, drawing close to Him in repentance? We must also have the same kind of humility as the inhabitants of Nineveh, drawing near to God with the spiritual tool of fasting.

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