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sermonette: A Matter Of The Heart

Preparing And Guarding Our Spiritual Hearts
Clyde Finklea
Given 11-Aug-07; Sermon #842s; 18 minutes

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Clyde Finklea, observing that over the past years, several heart problems have occurred in our congregation, suggesting that on a spiritual or metaphorical level, God may want us to examine the contents of our inner spiritual lives, our hearts. The Lord searches the inner man, the ultimate source of all outside behaviors. Even though man can sometimes fake outside behavior, God can penetrate into the depths of even our most secret motivations. We have to be perpetually vigilant, guarding our hearts, to be firm, focused and fixed upon God's purposes. God wants us to be honest with Him, especially with regard to rooting out sin and coming to repentance. If we stay focused in meditation, prayer, Bible study, resisting evil and trusting completely in God, our hearts will have been prepared so we wouldn't have to fear death.

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Circulatory system Charles Swindoll Clogged arteries Deceitfulness of heart Heart Heart problems Honesty Prepare our hearts Silent exemia Spiritual Heart Spiritual preparation

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