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sermonette: A Royal Priesthood

What God Requires of His Priests
Martin G. Collins
Given 13-Sep-07; Sermon #847As; 13 minutes

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Martin Collins, reflecting on the requirements for the Levitical priests, pointed out that no physical defects were allowed in the priesthood. In addition, they were required to ceremonially purify themselves to serve in the tabernacle. Likewise, God's Royal Priesthood (God's called-out ones) must similarly purify itself, beginning with applying the sacrifice of Christ applied at our baptism. The purification process does not stop there but continues throughout our lives, as we put out worldly thoughts and impulses. Taking our direction from Christ, our High Priest, we are also required to become priests, bridging the gap between God and mankind. As intern priests, we must have a humble faithful attitude, accepting Christ's sacrifice, being guided by God's Holy Spirit, being considerate of others, not refusing fellowship, urging one another to seek spiritual purification.

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