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sermonette: Are You An Unwitting Spiritual Terrorist?

David F. Maas
Given 01-Oct-07; Sermon #FT07-09s; 18 minutes

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David Maas, reflecting on Proverbs 18:9, asserts that when we do God's work or our own work with slackness and lethargy, we are every bit as culpable of spiritual terrorism as if we had strapped a bomb under our coats, blowing ourselves to smithereens in the middle of a crowded mall. Who needs bombs and explosives when the same effect can be accomplished by doing absolutely nothing? The sins of omission are just as deadly as the sins of commission, with the cowardly and the violent executed together in the lake of fire. A perennial theme throughout the wisdom literature of the Bible is the deleterious effects of neglect or passivity involving the sluggard as both the perpetrator and recipient of ruin and waste. When we couple spiritual lethargy to the insidious doctrines of eternal security and once saved always saved, we sabotage or jeopardize our eternal lives.

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