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sermonette: As a Thief in the Night

The Importance of Watching
David C. Grabbe
Given 05-Jul-08; Sermon #890s; 17 minutes

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The time before Christ returns will be one of great turbulence. However, the admonition to watch in Luke 21:36 does not mean to become a "news junkie," avidly watching world events, but instead it is a sober warning to watch ourselves, becoming circumspect regarding our spiritual state. If we are not vigilantly overcoming, guarding our master's house, we will be caught unawares at the Day of the Lord, when the Master will return as a thief in the night, taking His household by surprise. Let us be vigilant and sober (being faithful in what God has entrusted us) so this time will not take us unaware, and we become subject to God's wrath.

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