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sermonette: A Heavenly Homeland

Our Citizenship in the Kingdom
David C. Grabbe
Given 14-Mar-09; Sermon #927s; 19 minutes

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David Grabbe points out that upon our baptism, we become a citizen of God's Kingdom, subject to all the laws and ordinances to the homeland, which currently resides in Heaven. Our deportment and behavior should conform to the Heavenly Kingdom, of which we have become ambassadors. Paul has become distressed over former members of this heavenly kingdom, but now had made their bellies their gods or worldliness as their new citizenship. We are instructed to lay up treasures in Heaven rather than in the mammon of this world. The demands and requirements of God's Kingdom supersede all demands of our earthly countries. We are only pilgrims here. Even though the current government in the United States seems to be destroying everything we have held valuable, we have no stake in the politics here, anticipating the blessed and permanent Kingdom of God. Our citizenship in the Kingdom of God will cause us difficulty and persecution while worldly governments are in operation. But all the world's governments will be terminated when Christ returns.

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