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sermonette: A Famine of Unleavened Bread

Esteeming God's Word
David C. Grabbe
Given 11-Apr-09; Sermon #932s; 18 minutes

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David Grabbe, reflecting upon a movement in London in 2008 called the Atheist Bus Campaign, warns us that (after the prophecies of Amos) in the future there will be a famine of hearing the word of God. Without God's Truth, a nation will have no other consequence but to fall into oblivion, allowing them to fall into hopelessly reprobate minds, subject to carnal delusion. God allows them to reap the miserable consequences of their 'enlightened behavior.' In modern Israel, secular humanism has crowded the Word of God out of picture. It is now illegal to have the Ten Commandments posted in the court houses and prayer is illegal in the schools. The famine of hearing is taking place in modern Israel today. The combined efforts of the Greater Church of God are reaping fewer results than in the heyday of Herbert W. Armstrong's preaching. The cult of Oprah, Rap, and New Age religions seem to be having more success. We can be protected from the famine of hearing God's word by actively eating unleavened bread. Esteeming truth and actively taking in truth will enable us to resist leavening and avoid the famine of hearing God's Word.

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