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sermonette: Abomination

Martin G. Collins
Given 10-Jul-93; Sermon #084s; 15 minutes

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Martin Collins, reflecting on a conversation he had with a Baptist friend, who claimed that although God said raw oysters were an abomination, didn't say we couldn't eat them, focuses on the accurate denotations and connotations of the term abomination. The common synonyms for abomination include loathing, hateful, abhorrence, evil anathema, repugnance, and disgusting. Abomination could be defined as something which ignites hatred. The transliterated Hebrew words from which the English word abomination was used were (1) Za-am to be indignant or to foam at the mouth with rage, (2) Ba-ash - to despise the Philistines, (3) Piggul- referring to impurity or uncleanness, and (4) Shiqqutz- to be abominable and unclean, primarily applying to idolatry, including the disgusting practice of sacrificing of children. Pride also is a form of idolatry because it consists of idolizing the self. An abomination is anything we place before God, and if not repented us can earn us a place in the Lake of Fire.

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