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sermonette: Abortion

Martin G. Collins
Given 22-Jan-94; Sermon #111s; 15 minutes

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Martin Collins, reflecting on the 21st anniversary of Roe vs Wade, making abortion legal, and the mother's womb the most dangerous place for an unborn infant, points out that 1.7 million murders have been committed annually. Dr. Bernard Nathanson, who once endorsed abortion, now claims that scientific evidence exists that the foetus is NOT a part of the woman's body, hence the woman's control over her body is a bogus issue. Life begins at conception, not after the infant has departed the birth canal. By the seventh week all the intact organs, including the brain, of the baby have formed, and terminating the foetus is murder and an outright violation of God's Sixth Commandment. The foetus is entirely equipped to feel pain at the 12th week.Pre-born babies feel pain during an abortion. Raffaela Balestrini stated about a centery ago that whenever abortion becomes a social custom, it is a major indicator of the decadence of a people. Today , even mainstream churches have approved abortion, indicating the filthy slide into decadence and immorality our people have taken. Many first century Jewish writers looked with horror on the contemplation of destroying a foetus, regarding it as infanticide. In the Pentateuch, the death penalty (life for life) was administered for causing an abortion. NO early Jewish writings can be remotely considered 'pro-choice' or 'pro-abortion.' When Joseph believed Mary to be pregnant out of wedlock, he didn't consider abortion an option. Those who practice abortion have a perverted religious faith that man , rather than God, is the ultimate arbiter over life and death. As the temple of God's Holy Spirit, we are not our own. We have no right to determine who lives and who dies. We are all the personal property of Christ. Only God has the right to choose life or death for us.

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