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sermonette: Are We Thirsty for Living Water?

Bill Onisick
Given 10-Oct-09; Sermon #FT09-12s; 21 minutes

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Bill Onisick, asking whether we thirst for the living water, focuses upon God's promises to provide rain in season in the Promised Land. Having become accustomed to irrigating from the Nile, the Israelites were not prepared to rely on the rains of God for their sustenance, having to trap water in cisterns and barrels. If God had not supplied the early rains in October they would have no crops. Consequently, the water ceremony was added to the Feast, with a golden water pitcher and a choir of trumpets, with chants of "joyfully drawing water from the wells of salvation" anticipating Christ's promise of supplying living water to those who thirst. To those who thirst with an unquenchable thirst, Christ invites them to come to Him, accepting and believing His teachings, thereby quenching our thirst. We also will become a source of spiritual vitality to others. God wants us to be a well watered garden. The water ceremony on the last great day was a prophetic event in which Christ will pour out His spirit on all who thirst.

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Are we thirsty for the living water? Canaan Deuteronomy 11:10 Gazao God's living water Golden pitcher of water Israel Isaiah 58:11 Jeremiah 2:17 Joel 2 John 4:14; 6:44; 7:37 Miracles Nehemiah 8 Pool of Siloam Rainy season Revelation 21:6; 22:17 Running water Self-reliant attitude Sporadic nature of rain 2 million people Water as a blessing

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