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sermonette: A Shadow of Our Light and Truth

The Urim and the Thummim
Bill Onisick
Given 15-May-10; Sermon #992s; 15 minutes

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Bill Onisick, cuing in on Exodus 28:30, suggests that everything we do depends on decisions and wonders if we would have an easier time if we could use a Urim and Thummin, gemstones worn directly over the heart of the high priest which indicated a "yes" or "no" answer. Both Saul and David relied on the priest's consulting the Urim and Thummin, but when the ark went into captivity, the Urim and Thummin were lost. We have access to our Great God through our High Priest Jesus Christ by means of God's Holy Spirit, revealing the perfect will of God. We do not need the Urim and Thummin when we have been given all these spiritual tools, far superior to the Levitical paraphernalia.

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