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sermonette: All We Need is Love ... And Godly Fear

Importance of Godly Fearing in Our Life
Bill Onisick
Given 26-Feb-11; Sermon #1034s; 18 minutes

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Bill Onisick, exposing Satan's deceptive lie that in the New Covenant all we need is love since the irksome law in the Old Testament is done away, points out that Jesus Christ IS the God of the Old Testament and New Testament, and changes not. The fear of the Lord and the keeping of the law have never been discarded in the New Covenant or the New Testament. God's love is not exclusively a New Testament concept, nor is the fear of God exclusively an Old Testament concept. Both agape love and the fear of God are complementary, synergistic Old and New Testament principles. In the New Covenant, the stakes are much higher, requiring reverential fear and obedience of God's Law, which is an expression of our love for God.

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