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sermonette: Attitude of a Repentant Laodicean

Daily, Persistant, and Humble Prayer for Christ's Gifts to Overcome
Bill Onisick
Given 14-Jan-12; Sermon #1083s; 17 minutes

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Bill Onisick, focusing on the parable of the importunate woman and the judge, which emphasizes persistence, stresses the need to exercise faithful prayer coupled with humility. We should focus on accumulating spiritual, heavenly treasures, preferring them to worldly treasures. If we look beyond the worldly cares, we will not lose our focus or our ability to produce spiritual fruit. The Laodiceans lost the ability to produce spiritual fruit because they were grounded to worldly pursuits. But we must take on the mindset of a repentant Laodicean (somewhat like a recovering alcoholic) rather than the pompous pharisaical attitude of some individuals who consider themselves Philadelphians, but in reality are not. To those who struggle to overcome the stranglehold of their sins, Christ promises close proximity to Him as He rules.

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"Becoming as little children" Cares of this world Faith to face our trails Faith God's faithfulness Growing weary Little child Kim Meyers Luke 18:7-35 John 15 Matthew 13:22 Pat Higgins Parable of the Woman and the Judge The Pharisee and the tax collector Primary pursuit Repentant Laodicean Revelation 3:14-22 Weariness

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