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sermonette: A Place of Safety

Will You Be Hid
Ronny H. Graham
Given 21-Jan-12; Sermon #1084s; 16 minutes

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Ronny Graham, reflecting on a former idea many had that we would be whisked off to a place of safety, observes that some of the motivating conditions that prompted the previous speculations have suddenly recycled. The concept of hiding from calamity or hiding from shame occurs many times in the Bible. Jesus hid from danger on several occasions. Many speculations have arisen as to where the place of safety will locate. The remnant hair stored in Ezekiel's garment seems to indicate a possible single location, but that is also speculation. Jesus Christ will decide who will be spared tribulation and who will endure tribulation, but no splinter of the former fellowship, regardless of how large or small it is, and regardless of what is called, is guaranteed a free pass to a place of safety. Christ alone will decide who will be kept from the hour of trial; perhaps it will be you.

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