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sermonette: All in Good Time

Considering God's Creation of Time
Joseph B. Baity
Given 03-Nov-12; Sermon #1128s; 20 minutes

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Joe Baity, focusing on the concept of time, suggests that most of mankind struggle against the clock, working against a deadline. Elisa Gabert refers to time as an enemy. Time is one of the most least appreciated gifts to mankind. God evidently recreated the solar system, creating the first clock for mankind with the rotation of the planets around the sun. The development of character and the re-creation of the God-kind both require time for development. God is sovereign over time, has created in us a desire for eternity, and a sense of urgency to accomplish the goals He has set for us. God set us all up with a time bank account and a free will ATM card. Satan tries to con us out of this resource by endless distractions. God controls all the critical reference points in our life, reinforcing our desire for eternity.

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Ayin Darkness Ecclesiastes 3:10-11 Elisa Gabert Eternity Genesis 1:1-16 Hedge Incubator Isaiah 17 Mac Beth Merism Psalm 19:1-3;31:15; 39:4; 89:37;90:12 Revelation 21: II Corinthians 5:12 Solomon Tale told by an idiot "TIME IS THE GREAT ENEMY" -Interveiw with ELISA GABBERT Time is Time Two great lights Urgency William Shakespeare

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