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sermonette: Almost Persuaded

Acts 26:28
Charles Whitaker
Given 01-Dec-12; Sermon #1132s; 19 minutes

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Charles Whitaker, reflecting on an old Protestant hymn, "Almost Persuaded," a kind of altar call, hard sell Protestantism incorporating two standard Protestant lies (eternal security, and today as the only day of salvation), focuses upon the adjective "Almost" in Acts 26:28, a word which distorts the correct meaning. The terms "almost" and "altogether" refer to periods of time (suggesting different periods of salvation) rather than insufficient or puny proofs. God can bring about salvation on His own timetable rather than as a kind of used car salesman, hard sell, "now or never" pitch suggested by the Protestant hymn.

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A little more A short time Acts 26:28 Agrippa Almost Altogether Berkeley text Bollinger By little effort By much effort Companion Bible Damascus repentance En alagos En polos Eternal security Festus persuaded Hard sell Jerusalem Bible Living New Testament Protestant Church Hymnal Protestantism New American Standard Version Protestant Hymn Puny, weak Short period of time Sing a lie Trivial arguments Trivial proofs

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