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sermonette: A Conflict of Interest

Are Our Emotional Investments in Conflict With the Truth?
Joseph B. Baity
Given 06-Apr-13; Sermon #1152s; 19 minutes

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Joe Baity, reflecting on the arrogant decision of Associate Justice Elena Kagan not to recuse herself on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act decision (Obamacare), even though she was compromised by personal involvement in the issue, suggests that this severely compromised Judge had no respect for the truth, but instead tried to twist it to accommodate her misguided perception of the truth. God takes truth very seriously, warning us not to add or take away from it. We must be on guard that our emotional attachments do not cause us to distort the truth. Today, truth is an endangered species. In this time of self-examination, as we count down to Pentecost, we must reaffirm our love for the truth, realizing that God's truth has the power to set us free, subduing our destructive self-interests.

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