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sermonette: A Look at Christian Suffering

Reasons and Lessons
David C. Grabbe
Given 20-Apr-13; Sermon #1154s; 18 minutes

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David Grabbe, reflecting on the metaphorical implication of drinking the cup, namely accepting the consequences and responsibilities that go with the path of Christian living, which we recognize as having modicum of suffering, declares that if we are willing to endure suffering with Christ, we will also share in His glory. Our glory will not come unless we go through darkness. We may suffer rejection, being held in contempt, beatings, stoning, or even martyrdom. The trials will bring about positive fruit if we approach them with the right mindset, that of desiring to conform to Christ in everything, including persecution and hardship, a kind of fellowship in suffering. In one sense, our suffering could be a means to ceasing from sin.

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