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sermonette: An Undying Love

Christ's Undying Love for Israel As Depicted in the Life of Hosea and Gomer
Clyde Finklea
Given 07-Dec-13; Sermon #1188s; 18 minutes

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Clyde Finklea reflects that, as Hosea's wife Gomer was unfaithful, so has Israel been unfaithful to Almighty God, practicing idolatry, sexual immorality, child sacrifice, and other abominations. These transgressions led God to scatter Israel, making them slaves of the Assyrians, one of the cruelest of peoples. Even though Gomer proved unfaithful, Hosea still loved her, buying her back from captivity, restoring her as his wife, an act which depicts the loving forgiveness of God. Christians are to love one another as God has loved us and forgive one another as God has forgiven us.

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Adultery Astarte Assyrians Baal Cakes to Queen of Heaven Children brought forth in adultery Diblaim Ephraim FedEx Fed-up 15 shekels of silver Forgiving God's undying love Gomer Harlotry Hosea 1:2; 3:1; 6:4 Hosea Idol worship Ishtar Lo-Ammi Lo-Ruhamah Matthew 18 No end of forgiveness Not mine Not to have pity Jeroboam Jezreel Sam A. Smith II King 17

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