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sermonette: A View of the Work

David C. Grabbe
Given 11-Oct-14; Sermon #FT14-05s; 19 minutes

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David Grabbe, pointing out that not all of God's servants are given the same marching orders (planting, watering, etc) maintains that planting seed (preaching the Gospel to the world) is only the beginning of the phase. Our function is not and has never been adding members to the Body of Christ; God alone determines who the first fruits are. The Church has always sequentially planted seeds, watered, and then cultivated the first fruits, making them ready for harvest, tasks always occurring under God's supervision. The Church of the Great God, pastured by John Ritenbaugh, has undertaken to continue to cultivate the ground planted and watered by Herbert W. Armstrong, edifying and bringing its members closer to the stature of Christ. While feeding the flock is the highest priority, CGG has not hidden from the world as many misinformed critics in the other splinter groups have implied. The CGG has become a resource center serving many of the other groups also following the Way, with the Forerunner going out to 63,000 subscribers, the Berean Bible Study, going out to 113,000 subscribers per day, and 3 million e-mails processed every month. Judging the quality of our work by purely physical standards (i.e. the number of television stations one has acquired or the number of co-workers one has attained) is not a measure of spiritual growth, and to equate it with spiritual growth in rank Laodiceanism. Spiritual growth is determined by quality of our relationship with God.

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Apollos Currency of the Greater Church of God Depth of instruction Ephesians 2:8; 4 I Corinthians 3:6-9 Genesis 1:26 God determines the First-fruits Highest priority John 6:29 Matthew 28:19-20 Olivet prophecy Planting and watering Preach the gospel to the world Proverbs 27:23 3,000 Biblical topics The work of the church The work of God Updates of CGG Work of the Church

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