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sermonette: Assassination of Character

Ronny H. Graham
Given 29-Nov-14; Sermon #1242s; 17 minutes

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Ronny Graham, reflecting on the frequent assassinations which have occurred in history throughout the world and in the pages of the Bible, focuses on an extremely dangerous kind of assassination— namely character assassination through murmuring and gossip, a kind of assassination of which many of us have been guilty. In Numbers 12:1-9, we learn about God's anger leveled against Miriam and Aaron for gossiping about Moses, complaining of his marriage to an Ethiopian woman. In Proverbs 6:16, of the seven things God loathes and detests, thre pertain to the tongue and spreading discord among the brethren . Every time gossip is repeated, murder and character assassination is endlessly repeated. We dare not sell our birthright for a bowl of gos-soup.

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Assassination of Abraham Lincoln Aaron Attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan Assassination of President Kennedy Character assassination Dagger men Ephraim and Manasseh Esau despising birthright Gossip Jael Joab Judges 3 Julius Ceasar Lying tongue Miriam November 22 Proverbs 6:16 Psalm 34: 11-13 Sacari Simon the zealot Sixth commandment

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