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sermon: Are You Alienated or Reconciled?

Day of Atonement
Martin G. Collins
Given 23-Sep-15; Sermon #1288; 69 minutes

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Martin Collins reminds us that Satan, the prince of the power of the air, has incessantly broadcast wrong, insane attitudes through the air, deceiving the masses into believing that he has the upper hand in the battle between himself and God. The Day of Atonement underscores the reality that Satan has already been disqualified by Jesus Christ and will be imprisoned with his fellow demonic spirits for a thousand years in a bottomless pit. As God's called out ones, we have something to rejoice about, even though we are afflicting our souls with fasting. Fasting promotes a sense of humility and dependence because we see how fragile and vulnerable we are. Fasting helps us to see ourselves as we are and God as He is. The Day of Atonement is rich in symbolism and has particular significance for us who are in training to be repairers of the breach, co-ruling with Christ in the Millennium. For the first time in the history of humanity, people (Israel and Gentiles) will be at one with God and at one with one another. All mankind, because of practicing sin, is alienated from God. God the Father has initiated the process of reconciliation by sending His Son as a sacrifice. When Satan has been chained, humanity will understand God's plan of salvation. At that time, if we have totally, inwardly, and with sincerity surrendered ourselves as living sacrifices, we will ultimately be resurrected as spirit beings with no need of food (symbolic of the fast in which we have participated), having inherent life, and having the power and authority to go where God directs, inheriting the Kingdom of God as His offspring.

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