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sermon: A Simple Recap

John W. Ritenbaugh
Given 14-Dec-19; Sermon #1520; 62 minutes

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The audience of the Book of Hebrews originally consisted of Jewish converts who needed convincing that Jesus Christ was superior to angels. The author of Hebrews emphatically declares that Christ: 1.) has a better reputation than the angels, 2.) is worshiped by the angels, 3.) created the angels, 4.) sits on a throne to the right of His Father, 5.) received the Father's anointing, 6.) created the entire universe, and 7.) possesses a higher place of honor than all angels combined. God warns the recipients of this epistle (including us) to pay careful attention lest this insight drift away. We must let this knowledge of Christ's superiority move us to act, lest we face chastening from Christ. Most of the attrition from the truth stems from "losing interest" rather than conflict or persecution. Drifting away is rarely intentional, but the result of choosing to live carnally. If we refuse to prioritize spiritual obligations, making light of their importance, we risk losing our way spiritually. God guarantees salvation if we remain faithful to our calling; just "accepting Christ" is not enough. Romans 8:13 reminds us that sin dwells with us throughout our life; hence, we remain obligated to mortify fleshly desires continually. The urgent appeals in Hebrews would be unnecessary if our salvation were already assured.

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