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sermonette: Advice to Kings

Writing the Book of Deuteronomy
Ted E. Bowling
Given 30-Jan-21; Sermon #1581s; 15 minutes

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What kind of advice should one give to a new national leader? Perhaps "Write out a copy of the Book of Deuteronomy" would be the best advice of all, for it is what God commanded kings to do. The Book of Deuteronomy is so important to God's people that He commands it to be read every seven years at the Feast of Tabernacles. Internalizing the Book of Deuteronomy ensures a love for God's law, and the humility required to become a servant leader. As future kings and priests in God's kingdom, the constituents of the Israel of God should make it a priority to write out a copy of Deuteronomy, meditating on it daily in perpetuity, absorbing leadership skills that few worldly leaders will ever possess.

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