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sermonette: A Vivid Comparison (2000)

Dogs and Offerings
John W. Ritenbaugh
Given 14-Oct-00; Sermon #FT00-02s; 24 minutes

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In this offertory, John Ritenbaugh reflects upon the uncomplimentary imagery surrounding the dog in the Bible, often associated by its unsavory garbage diet, sometimes even returning to its vomit and sometimes devouring human flesh. To the Hebrews, dogs were groveling scavengers feeding on garbage or refuse, serving as metaphors for sodomites, prostitutes, gentiles, or other marginal aspects of society. This metaphor serves to steer us away from offering a blemished or defiled sacrifice. Offerings have to be pure, coming from our own clean labors, free of sin or defilement. Churches or institutions that accept offerings gained from evil enterprises accept tainted money, caudling the sinner for the sake of gain. Unblemished sacrifices must emanate from clean work or honest labor.

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