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biblestudy: Abraham (Part 1)

John W. Ritenbaugh
Given 09-Jan-90; Sermon #BS-AB01; 59 minutes

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John Ritenbaugh takes issue with certain misguided biblical scholars who claim Abraham was a primitive, backward donkey caravaneer or perhaps a mythical or composite figure. Abraham came from a highly advanced civilization located in Mesopotamia, highly advanced in science, knowing calculus and chemistry, having indoor running water under pressure. Abraham, a direct descendant of Eber, Shem, and Noah, was drafted by God to leave his land at 75 years of age, vested with the patriarchal responsibility to teach and command his family the wisdom of God, providing a genealogical line from which Christ emerges.

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Achian Abraham Arphaxas Austria Chaldees Covenant Eber Euphrates Family Father of Faithful Genealogy Haran Iran Iraq Other side of the river Paint Patriarchal authority Royal Susanna Theocracy Shinar Ur

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