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biblestudy: Abraham (Part 5)

John W. Ritenbaugh
Given 13-Feb-90; Sermon #BS-AB05; 73 minutes

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In this study, John Ritenbaugh teaches us that Abraham's iron clad faith was developed incrementally as a result of calculating or "adding it all up," matching the promises of God (perceiving His overall intent) with the current situation, realizing from his ongoing relationship with God, that it was impossible for Him to lie. We learn from Abraham's experience to trust God even when we have incomplete data. We learn from Abraham's experience, that when we attempt to take the expedient way out (embracing a carnal or worldly solution), we will run into grave difficulties- forcing us back to the fundamentals of faith. As descendents of Abraham, we must learn to trust God, forming an on-going relationship with Him, realizing that God's ways and the world's ways do not mix.

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Babylon Canaan Carnal mind Compromising Confusion Contentment Destructive conservatism Digression Egypt Evidence Faith Flesh Flight to Egypt Half truths Isaac Jeremiah Lot Lot?s choice Mamre Nebuchadnezzar Oliver Cromwell Pillars of Jewish faith Pitching tent toward Sodom Promises of God Sarah Separation Sodom Spirit Stepping out on faith Temptation Tests Trials

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