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biblestudy: Abraham (Part 6)

John W. Ritenbaugh
Given 20-Feb-90; Sermon #BS-AB06; 75 minutes

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Even though God does not glorify war, there are spiritual parallels we can learn from it, including discipline and self-sacrifice. Abraham was willing to lay down his life to rescue his nephew Lot. His sacrifice shows us what kind of effort and sacrifice is needed to wage spiritual war, getting the Gospel out despite the militant resistance of Satan and his demons. They are masters of keeping us off balance, keeping the pressure on us, dogging our heels, trying to make us miss the mark, and preventing us from rescuing others held captive. Anyone involved in the work of God is in a spiritual war, often experiencing enervation and temptation to compromise. God provides faith and energy in those occasions to overcome and endure.

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Abraham's descendents Addiction Archegos Attraction Babylonian Bitterness Burnt offering Discipline Father of faithful Great whore Illness Innuendo Laodiceans Living sacrifice Lot Melchizedek Omar Bradley Moral adolescence Peace Pressures Place of safety Religious system Revulsion to war Sacrifice Sodom Soldier Tithing Vultures War Trespass offering Weak of the world

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