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biblestudy: Abraham (Part Seven)

John W. Ritenbaugh
Given 13-Mar-90; Sermon #BS-AB07; 78 minutes

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Understanding comes through sacrifice and our lives alternate between light (understanding) and darkness (confusion). Abraham's experiences teach us not to try to force God's will by contrivances of the flesh. When any sin or self-will is involved, the fruits of such an endeavor will be bitter and disappointing (as was the incident involving Abraham and Hagar). Abraham's righteousness equated with his acquired humble unflinching trust in God rather than his skill at law keeping. The gift of grace comes only to those who yield to God by faith, establishing a warm working relationship with Him, performing righteousness through the power of His Holy Spirit.

Well, we are going to go back to Genesis 15 and get involved with Abraham once again by way of a little bit of a review. I think that I titled this, "Abraham's Trial with God's Promise." You have to think in order to get. Best construction out of this lot. Look on. Nearly very event. And it's reported here for not the Bible. Rather, look at something that is burn it for us to understand. Thank you saw something that is typical of what you will. I will be going through in our lives, and here it is. Yeah, many of the promises has come upon us director having difficulty with what about promises that he'll do for us. Your whole Abraham that he would have. Then will you do that? Yes, quite a number of years gone by. Abraham was still champ. That's, the subject. And you bring him not outing that was going to come through promise but he wanted to know some of them not from the boat I was this sign thing going to be worked out you want to understand so we went to the right source as difficult as giving directing I think you'll see this light right rightly give many director either he always after things with a question make people sherman what the answer is staring well that's what happens here doesn't first six people leave in the Lord and accommodate him for righteousness and then save the experience with the fact that off the letter the pain with that defense Abraham was going to understand through sacrifice I do not I do not need making a sacrifice that was just a typical well but rather the sacrifice we might call it you're going to help with the mission of light live with what was going to deal with understanding that every one so it's a principle for you and me understanding some sacrifice how we learn what guy how we learn to know God so any rate God they go through this very and you and I can understand there were all kinds of just practice that were pressing in on Abraham while he was going through no pointed back or fight it was a bunch of pain face away and uh mike Paul that's distracting fires through principalities powers clean bird the Bible as temples of demonic power and then the darkness came on and falling again, it's not going through, and it also means you made it that our lives ultimate, please light dark. There are times when we understand, oh, the things in life. There are other time we are in a dark alley on the left. We feel that we are licked at the mercy of all the forces that are around us, however, there is. Another lesson that is, that darkness is not overcome by this. I do not know this place in under the tent. Off plundered, explain rather than after. Person one. Overcoming a problem, really going room with trials with thought, I will always provide away. St do not lay down, keep going on living by faith, so and it says here that eight earning ask route stop learning to represent the combination, right, sanding, coming. I do not represent morning firing perfectly, pointing through a fiery trial, tribulation, that's, how they came with dogs. But his work. Tribulation. Fiery trials. That so, when the fire come, you know, burns away the brush. One of the other. Just file them light, get Abraham. Yeah, there is, something that we get over there with that. Beginning in first thirty. And he said to a Graham, know, certainly that your descendants will be strangers. Land that is not there. Well, they will afflict them for you. Also nation, who they say I will afterward. They are great that's for you. Go to your father's, very good all day in the fourth generation shall we found here for the iniquity of the camera, right? Yes, plate Abraham. What I was just going to be so the myth of the God make prophecy so that Abraham would understand that the prophecy was not people build his life. He was going to go to his brain. First indications that the four hundred years that are involved here not going to begin still, Abraham pasin mean by dying let's. Go to Genesis twenty five. Genesis twenty five versus seven and eight osama's years. Abraham's life lift. One hundred seventy five years that Abraham breathes his last died in a good old, eh old man here, gavin. I should stay one hundred seventy five. Yeah, young tubal, you know, Abraham was born. I told you before. Nineteen, seventy two piece, one hundred seventy five years. Bring one out. Yeah, seventeen ninety seven. Peace, our dead in Genesis fifty and the first thirteen that we defend it. Hard to be a breast and I in a land. Not there. Abraham, with my you do not like, and the four hundred years clyde distended four hundred years and not begin hill, least till every man die. You know, we have to find out. How is when does it end? We know that it could begin at least seventeen, ninety seven, because that's. When Abraham possible? Find out when if we can find out when it ended that we can find out the door. Yeah, okay, let's, go, joshua. Thirteen. Josh was the thirteenth chapter. First step. Let's. Look at theirs. To give you a little bit of flavor of what is going on, josh, will you or you are all here, remain very much land yet to be possessed. This is the land that every name, and he gives the listening of the land that yet remains that first, kevin now therefore divine as an inheritance through the nine five, yeah, ask dr neff. You know the subject and the division of land. Remember, the prophecy said that they were going to be oppressed. Land was not there. This contact. We're talking about a land back in there. They divided. The next. When did it happen? The land? Come there, dr. Report. And first govern. Well, look at first. Contact and the children of duty came to joshua. Here lives the son of an insight that for him, another word with Lord that opposes commander, starring you and barney. I was forty years old when most disturbing Lord bardia buy out the land. And I brought back word to him as it was in my heart. He brought back a truthful report. They work with earth first. Now, behold, the Lord has kept me alive as he's dead eight, forty five years, ever since the Lords both work poses while Israel wandered in the wilderness. Now, here I am, just, say, eighty five years old. Hey, eighty five years old and forty five years, then, no, I am going to go and spy out of life, you know, find out when that works, go back to the book of numbers, what we do, what we are doing here. That's. The land became Israel's. Forty five years after channel. It was partner. When did that occur? Back in numbers, the first chapter. The Lord spoke to those witnesses. Tabernacle looking on the first day off the second month in the second year after they have come out of the land of Egypt and here is. A very wrong. A week. Hi. With the exodus already established from others, other facts, we go into it this time. Hurry party green, or came forty three days. First, one after one that occurs in forty forty two. Just watch. First day, second month. I'm respected here, actually thirteen months after they came up. They can't. April, may, fourteen forty to these things. You know, let's. Jump, too. First step in there in the intervening step. The numbers off the children of injury or get out. Thank you. All members of staff. First left angel pass, the luckiest day of the second murder. In the second year, nineteen days, like they are on the st. April made serious fourteen, forty two things in the past twenty years. Off the second month, second year, the cloud was taking up. The children of Israel step out in the wilderness of sinai, their journey, or they left, like, dude, I will lay even have a little subheading, right? About eleven he partners from china, the children of Israel, out well, with time on their journey and the clouds devils in the world. They started out with the first time, according to the command of Lord beckett. Let's, go a couple work chapter. Chapter thirteen, Lord bern ones, both of those. Them fi how's, the land of canaan, giving, given to the children of Israel on each side of their father's stuff. And the man, everyone, a leader among them. I almost stepped on the willingness of Iran, according to the command of Lord all week, all of them with him. Children of Israel. Now, the places were located within the Roman, is that Iran was a desk. Barney. Same place to stand taking joshua aaron, doctor, with a forty in this chapter. Hey, listen, just stepped out. It is in this chapter that sailor was forty one years old, their movement wrong, brian, I caring barney just today, if movement there only about one hundred and forty or one hundred fifty miles, their movement from cyanide. Do they get barney only a month or so for them to make it that's? What they were? They were at barnea well, within year working forty two, agent, by the time get joshua the fourteen, forty five years that by they are dividing the land they used to factor. Forty five years, fourteen forty two brings you out, too. Thirteen nineteen seventies year with Israel took possession of the land, the land of there, no longer being pass it, the land that was not there. So then the four hundred years it's got proper side off. Yeah, fifteen working group again, immediately, virtually on the death, Abraham seventeen, ninety seven and completed joshua, fourteen. They're thirteen, ninety. Beautiful. The way that works. Practically right down to the minute. So that the events that begins with four hundred years profits. Hands in the event that ends, it is Israel. Then coming into possession, you got it. Okay, now, it's back to Genesis. After sixteen, we've already seen. Through Abraham's life that forgive me. Nice justification by faith. Or it might save receiving a dark spirit. Not prevent us from trying to fulfill God's will drink. Abraham has already tried a couple of times. Yeah, that century died in Egypt, which I think was it's wrong for him to do the lessons, did it? And here in captor sixteen, we are going to be another attack for Abraham. Which Abraham, sarah, this time becomes directly fall. I tried to fulfill the promises of God, their own human will own human energy. However, we might want to put it like that by work off black beginning in chapter sixteen there is one fair I if brahms light and I warn you, no children, he had a different. They serve it with a car there. I said it wrong enough. Lord has restraining very building, please. So maybe perhaps I shall obtain children by her and a promise he'd get the boys off. Sarah i, Abraham bram. Quite hagar made David bram being his wife after a brown that well. And here in the land of pain, well, that brings us now eighteen Abraham. Bye. Stating facts. So he went into his car. He can stay. He has to be mr. Thanks. Bye, all right, no. Their idea, Paul. And I do not know, maybe a pram or her dad, maybe overly concerned about having the promised bey will fill, you know. And that's a concern. Statically made her feel guilty, made her feel that went left in a woman. What overhand expected her to be? Whatever. I do not know, and it led her, in fact, if to have a style, no, I know that this seems like something that is pretty far out. You are someone to do. However, I have it on pretty good authority, those from the Bible, and also now from secular history, where they have found records, archaeological, digging, this was very lightly step practice during that time, Abraham, and even much like your fury. This is not a lot of fruit, pretty obvious. This captain got through that one, and that is something that then came up with. I do not necessarily the male gender. I mean, mankind will not live as a solution to. It's. Certainly, what solution? The problem, but it. What happens? Polygamous wait. Now, I do want to tell you a couple of trips to just hold your finger there and let's, go to dennis is thirty that this herd again. A new generation of players. There is one captain on rachel's, father before Jacob, no children. Rachel envied her sister, and that Jacob give me children, or else I got Jacob finger was arousing rakel, ben, I am the light of God, with help from you, the fruit of the womb well, she said, here is my they still so in her, he will bear a child on my knee. I also made by her right, exactly what barrett again. Records end up in psych up high archaeologist indicate. This is a very widely practiced. I tried to find out what this means and single bear this child on my knee. Well. Indications that, as part of the legal process, to make the child legally, the owner owners and or the missus of the house and not the hand, the handmaid was delivering the baby. Actually. Almost gives the appearance baby from thank you. No first night. And you're leaving. Will you stop for our base and davor? Yeah, thanks. Stay back. Yeah, well, they are evil. They backed up hagar becoming pregnant. Life is about, however, rest of the captor is going to show up with fresh profits. Yeah, thank you. It is very likely that this is one of the instances where that principal was right. No, the flesh profits nothing, and having first five, the beginning of the unfolding that off that free well, then there I said, I wronged me in front of you. I gave my baby your embrace. Once he saw that he had to seize, I became just five in her eye. Now the Lord is with you, so there I eat. Your maid is yours, you see her, please. There, I dealt harshly with earth. You know where I was first here feel. Off this plane and the first people. Feel undoubtedly. Was there a guard ford? Very similar to a similar to what we just read. Just go back. Last sermon on adultery. Stian is involved is not going to presume right through going to be something that is comfortable, maybe sometimes it's steam. We think off the field, he's dead, I roll along. Here was contempt. That is, the contempt was done to me. Be upon you, we are doing it again, mother fairly well established. Way, I guess. You might say, a passing on a curve. Let's, go. Genesis twenty seven. This is the captain with rebecca and Jacob first, beaming. Get the birthright. Awayfrom so Isaac is blind. Thanks, Christine. Bye, Jacob's. Gonna make himself. I mean, like, if he's up. Well, Jacob passes after my father will. Really, I felt things on the justin for that. I shall bring a person myself. But mother, let your heart be army, my son, only obey my voice. Okay, making this either. Is it rather than come on, Jacob. Well, come on, what? Narrator on her first you're wrong, you go back to another place in the book of Jeremiah, find Jeremiah, you are. First this time. My fifty one thirty three that says the Lord of hosts. Daughter of Babylon is like a threshing floor. It is kind of pressure ready, daughter of Babylon, like a threshing floor, one of his time discretion. Get a little while, but I am a firm heart. Never connect the king of Babylon as the power he has, maybe an empty vessel. Yes, follow me up like a monster, yes, fill his stomach by jealousy. What is thinking that he's putting the word out that's, the violence done to me, and five less, he informed caballo evidence of zion. I bloody happened! Ldiot! Well. Particular tradition. You have to do that. Something that is. Well, think back. Yeah, you know what? We're beginning to see that, that of securing the fulfillment. All of their design he would have here after promises a lot that began to read great frustration. Apparently they lost made process first step. The angel of the Lord found her by a spring of water willingness. I just bring on the way to start that. Hagar. All right, mate. Where have you come from? And where are you going? He said I lead from the present of my mistress, angel of the Lord candy of yourself, under the angel of the Lord. Better multiply your descendants, feeding for the nature of what we can in opposite the angel of the Lord. Better the o r with style. Get out there! The poly thing this nail that Lord has heard you still be a while. And salvia everyone, every man, every man's hand against him help wow! In the presence of all these records and he called the name of the Lord. You are God, he said. And I also hear gave him his space. Therefore the well with Paul here, roy me red in other way, too. What pretty, heavily traveled growth at that time, forty or fifty miles out, off the bat? Yeah, your line. Better training runs between here, stephen and central. So that at least he was hitting on her way back to Egypt to get there. Now, the angel of the Lord he probably picked up from first thirteen. Very clean, really, yeah, do not do that. God, it was there, presents and record, he promised her fun and innumerable memorable, and just a leak was partly five. What for drowned. What was in her room was also stevie colonel. Hersi's. So her child was much promise here. Still, he was going to be honored. Five one favor that is the recipient of a promise. He was Abraham. Thank you. Therefore, came the blessing of the memorable scene. It's, male, a lot here. What is implying is got hurt in this wreck. This was kind of what? What does about him? Is it kind of man that he turned out to be? This does not mean that he was bad. Does not mean that at all. Just making a comparison here with one of the beast of the desert indicate personality. You know what it's about here, he shall be a wild man. Well, what it literally says in Hebrew, wild, half of it all, the records. On it. Yeah, a wild. Don't rome. The desert. Hearing our mother, is that surviving in the wilderness areas that does not support the life of any other animal now. That description, given in front class. So what hagar was going through, he was being fresh. Why she fled. Bye bye, sterile, I think so. This is a blessing. Her son will not here. He'll hardly will not feel that kind of oppression, in other words, going to be living the kind of life that is great, independent. So you fail. And his descendants will be free. Better. We'll be free roaming the desert sports stammel. It will be a hard group of people. Maybe when I even think revelling in the beauty of the nature of that area. Fighting. I'm like virtually every farm living in all those states are you is one another, and they are made in other words, there would be a nature. That what have them, what we might call today. Kind of roaming the desert. Not wanting to become involved in did he like. Now another thing. That each out well, in the present of all on the reverend here, that body's, referring to you, I am not. Standards of abra. With who again. It literally says that you will well before the face off in the presence of his fat means that things will be neighbours with one another. So they would be in the same general territory as the other sons of, however, they will be independent. The light that is going on. Mitty hagar recognized. Is he insane? I thought he should. Not if he did not. You know she was alive, so then name the well. Pretty much literally translated so well off being alive. It seems to be. You are God, fifteen, stressed out heroically you are God. He is all saying hi, helpless for eating herself, it's. Not even in the far corner. It became very well recognized, but because there is that thing well. Left. And our first fifty. A cardboard promised from name his car for his mail. Graham was eighty six years old. When they got bored, they are wrong. So he was barred. Them eighteen, eighty six, very likely, um, started his mail. I promised aid. Still, thirteen years later, I thought, or fully revealed something. Yeah, I do not think that it would be. Leave without first going back to the lake. Where possible, call a very new application. So let's, go back the license for places for twenty one to thirty one. Tell me you desire to be under the law. Yes, do you not hear the law for this written that Abraham won by a bond woman, the other by a free woman, but he who has all the bond woman according to the flesh, he has a free woman. Things are involved with these eyes. One of my sinai with first bonnie hagar with a car in Arabia corresponds to recall now is it is in bonding with her, the tourism aboutthe mother of a ball for rick we join so tiring you do not there great forces stop. You're not revenge for there with death have any more children, and he who has we brethren as Isaac wass, I am building a prompt, but as he was born according to the flesh and persecuted him was born according to the spirit. Even so, it is not never the last. What does the script say? Ask about the woman and her son, son of the one woman. Tell my baby here with one of the free world. So then, brother, we are not children of the world on three. Well, what we have here. Allegory on allegory. Yeah, general, usually contained within a story that a fruit by human, different human life. Don't I believe, in the king James first twenty four that's. The thing are analogous, more modern translations. You mind, mind the new king, James does symbolic. Another one will use it figure or simple. I want Paul makes you off this thinking that he is not saying that the story is a myth. But rather, he is because allegory, usually the case. It is not. Yet what he is saying is that the religious significance of what occurred here far greater, doing me, man, literally literally getting hurt, something else far more important to you and me, something after the understood all right, by making an allegory. One three let's, go back to first twenty one. Just tell me you desire under the law. Do you not hear the law? All have already stated through a book of delight. He's been a sensitive one long one side of the north, with all kinds of convincing people. Yeah, breakaway there. Relight fine now. I'm going friday. Help. You do not understand. Oh, but I understand it well enough. Yeah, they sent a simplified form that, in some way related to one of the most difficult of all the books. All is already stated. Tiger. Little bit earlier, the book a law. Bring with kurt no let's. Turn that in chapter three, first, where as many as are off work off the law. But if he does not think, under the law, he does off the work of the law under it, for it is written. Everyone does not continue in all things, which are written in the book of the law. In fact, well, let's. Understand something that i, you know, it's. True. Every law as the curtain. Not this time. And law as a curse as well. Every law as a penalty. You got it. Therefore, it is understood that occurred is the penalty has to be carried out if the law is. The problem with that draw is that the curse is death. Now, the problem is. That man cannot beat God's laws perfectly. And so, then man is caught in an endless fun, always trying to make up for his breaking of the law. You can never get away from us because he cannot. He got law perfectly. You were depending. Upon law. You break it. If I had a way of reminding people that they were breaking the law, the sacrificial law, well, they went through the list. The ritual. But if we find a room and it's impossible for the blood. Never talking a lot of bull to forgive. That would be animal life. The life of a man, aaron aronson. They never do it. So if a person twice live up to the law, doctor. But look. But he is always going to fall short. So here in relation. Five, they are for me. First twenty one. Oh! You hear you, pop, pretend you understand what the law along here. Me. First, by for us, it does not like this place. The reason? I know that because what follows disperses the allegory that is taken from Genesis sixteen that's, part of the well. I'm not talking about legislation talking about instructed that is contained in the first five. So then he? He asked. You understand what it says in Genesis sixteen. It's, a rephrasing. What? He said. No, it's very likely. That those Paul was writing again, as he has. You know, Abraham is a very large part of their arguing. He was their exams. Here. Spent from April as a large part of their plane. God bless. Yeah, I want to point this out because I ran into it. All right, one the back way. You picked the episode first of all, John the Baptist, Matthew three. There is not. You know, I think to stay yourselves. We have Abraham as our father. Or I say to you, what is able to raise up children to Abraham with these stones, they were putting a great deal of reliance on their descendants. He spend it, rob Abraham. Now, John, eight pieces ran in. Thank you on a thirty seven. I know that you are able. Yep, they could kill me, because my word has no place. I think what I have seen with my father, you do not. You do what you have seen with your father's. They answered him, Abraham, our father, even if you are Abraham children, you was in the works paper. Abra knew. Yep, God's law, Genesis twenty six. Don't you understand without the man back to you and by law, Abraham black is a pro, the law it's not producing the same work as you do. We just read it. He said. If you are Abraham, still, you wouldn't be doing the things you're doing. You would be doing what Abraham Abraham lived by faith. I doubted lee believe in keeping wrong, but he's, a broach the law, was entirely. I'm off duty today. Let's, go to Roman. Beginning first one. What then? Shall we say that Abraham, our father has found? Forty to reflect for if Abraham was justified by work. He has something of which to vote. Not before God, what that's the scriptures name Abraham, leave God, and it was accommodating for right, weak against a night Bible study with that them Genesis fifteen him who worked. Wait are not counted as a race, a lot of death, but him who does not work. But the leaves on him justifies the ungodly. His face is accounted for, right justice, David offices drive less of a man, who's got his huge right apart from work. Blessed are those whose lawless deeds are given no, and things are covered, left with a man. The Lord will not them. Abran, yeah, God's law, but it is obvious from Roman borders that he did not rough. His keeping of God's law has need off now. Here, these salvation through this method that is beating the law. Then, as Paul says, salvation was earned. And this here comes the important. Yeah, suddenly, with God, man on the stain level, and determines the nature of the relationship between God. Now. Oh, brethren, that is not good for man. Friday is not good for producing God qualities in a ton of God. In fact, it presents another impossibility because or the very qualities God. Once in this, children, can be produced. It requires an attitude and the offensive on God's, true faith that God will supply. The person is earning it by work. But you see, the man is part of the craft because you can't beat the law. What this priest? That man cannot fly off health because it is already spoiled. He is guilty, is the file he is destined for death. Five. Even if he is together, once again goes back to with the attendance log. He's going to spin again and find stuff over over over. Endless stipe. Work. Something that is impossible and not work. Clear here is to you. They stumble over there now. The person. You act. Humbly presents himself to God, to be used as God's will, and to be provided for as God provides, right is putting himself in a position by with nature of that relationship is going to be a farmer. It's. My work to make your relation. Body no firing employees. But if the man a man recognizes. And humbling himself for that. I recognize you the only way I have. What is it you want? Our beginning. What happened? God Himself. Jeffrey gives a person a gift. Does he know he feeling with somebody of a humble mind, and that those men are going to be right with you? You're going to be right with you more. Yeah, the bank, the person that is also free to receive the gifts and enjoy their youth and all their benefits without being destroyed through vanity. But he recognizes that these are things that are given. They are not. They are probably right, terry. But really, I really love. You'll follow that kind of relation. Let me get here. You have read what it says. Twenty eight. He wants you off any being that God ever created. But with the bird foot, not and all the gifts squad, because the nature of their relationship was determined by lucifer's attitude for God. What is this saying? I think ford. Because I am going to mount up on the side of the work, I shall be God, lose the first attitude with me. The nature of their relationship, I deserve more, is better. I have earned it that's. Why they like a bee where that is right, man. All it does is eat his vanity. God, really the same fake level, just that's. The way lose for you, very like, oh, God, please understand level doesn't nature. You see if my relationship with God bye are ready for him. God is a constant back. He always loved, never paint. He is a fun fact. Salvation, therefore, is by great. Thanks, great. Come on. It is given to those who recognize there for God and act forty. In our faith does not negative. Or we might say, faith does not negate work, but rather they what their proper positions. Thean enables a person to live by faith, all affect of light, not just in regard to salvation. Salvation. Yeah, that's, that's, great. That's. The nature of a real life. Let's, go! First. Papa said to the Lord. Three things. The Lord. If you have faith, faith is a small, very easy pulled out by the root planet in. Speak it with a baby, which of you having a disturbance falling well, faith in you, he has come in from the field, coming, wants to eat, will you? Not rather staking you prepare something for myself, ivy. Right afterwards, you will eat and drink. The master does. He thanks that service, because he did the things that were commanded him work. We're keeping the command what was required. I think not no like like you, you have done all those things which are commanded to stay. We are unprofitable servant. We have done what was our duty to do, what he's showing here. His servant, this thing's commander goer mike thing required. They did their duty. Got it was not enough. Like laki thinks not enough. Why is it not? We did. That salvation comes by work. Salvation comes by beating the law. And we have. You've earned it. We have an important employer employee. Really. If I were on the same level of the that's, not good for me. That's, not the situation. And it is possible. This is what God wants to produce within it. So you just plainly going here that there must be something over in a false losses law, fly a lot. That's it. Understand this. Locky. Things does not right. Right, God, locky maintains the relation. Showing there must be something over and above a block. Anything that is what is needed. That is over and above, right? Grace is a gift. It is given order. Why? Make possible relationship. We're not great. He did not really awful the forgiveness. Then we would be forever. I could never have a right unable to walk. So it is something that he extends to us. Yes, even though in actual fact. Face it. You do not deserve to be there. Go with that. Grace and I really like. But what? We have to make your off. The nature of that relationship is always kept right. We are not gods. You are on ly there at the city. We are there. Present. Deposit is something that he has given you up. Send it to us. That a relationship was impossible. And that make it possible for him to work in and threw up. And so do is right. Grace is given in order to establish the relation man. That enabled God's to give other gifts his spirit, one of which faith kind of five, right. It is something that is given on the basis of the relationship is something that is given what? You know, back in. First thing always. Including his art. But there it is, a fake that it might be a forty look so that's, the promise might be, you're all the same. That is a fun fact. I've always loved that. Salvation defended upon arlacchi thing. Nobody. It would always be in funding. Always being, yes. Has to be by great that's. The promise might cure to all the sea. Only those who are off the law, but also to those who are the faith of a bit, is the Father of us all. Abraham. Bye, dude. First, go back to life. First, money. Three, for it is written that Abraham has done. Won by a pond woman, the other by a free one. But he was not the bonds with sporting a black. He had a free woman trump. Paul is saying, you're making in the dark one is that they were born of different women. One three. The other is playing now. The second was the manner of their steps. Ishmael was entirely natural. I did tireless by America. What? Go back that before. You do not have promise for first. Yeah, talking about hatred, my being weakened faith did not consider his own body, already dead. About one hundred years old and dead. There is room, always there, confirming that Abraham was no longer producing life. Abra sarah, as long ago with producing a totally impossible for them to do, son. Find that threw me no. They're just thirteen years before they always more. Abraham was still producing lives. Your remaining thirteen years. Which but rated. Reached the point where he was no longer producing one life. They have to wait. Bye, Abraham. He's gone. Dan yeah. It was no doubt what would be work out a miracle. That was from God. It was by grace. It was not by your hand work. Well, as a result of America. Twenty four. Which things are falling? These are a couple one of my diet. I was just on with hagar with this hagar sion, i, an Arabian, corresponds to Jerusalem, which now is bonding with children. Drinks on the five three, the mother of us all. You know, here, Paul. There is a basic thinking, you know, more complete, spiritually firm using his during for analysis. Hey, nala, t understand just a little bit better. I understand the word translated here for a response. Great work things, the fame fall as an alcoholic or as soldiers. So what he's saying, giving you some things that the steps that are awful one of this power, one in the hall, dana, what do we have? They have hagar with the fine woman on the other side. We have star of the free world. Under hagar, we have fish. Male, national, natural, birth, Isaac, the other side of supernatural. You have the old government. On one side, we have a new company. You have earthly Jerusalem. On one side, we have heavenly on the other, yeah, search in the wilderness, which eventually the duties on one side, Christianity on the other. What policy saying here is that we have food, different religion, two different ways of life. Hey, guard, play fans for the old government, an activist cyanide with his mail represented all the church obligation about three years. Their sensors actually joy there. Every woman represents duke. Brought into being through Christ blood. You can read that blue twenty two. And first where, he said, you drink this up, which is the New Covenant in my blood. Represents the New Covenant brought into being through the sacrifice of Christ. I think stands for all of those to become part of this that hurt in heavenly. What on earth calling it? All that stain on a superficial level. I think they are. We're alike in their favor, ever, on a more fundamental, much more important level. Say we are entirely different now. What is important to all of you? Wass there they have the same father. What? Spiritually. We work. We got by merely physical needs. That is work life. See things even defending the man as the harrises. Right is that they have a right. We are still. But if our mother about then, we get off. But by prom, fine, you're in by God. Calling is entirely, totally and completely by God. We have nothing to do with that, except we were here. He decided, yeah, as one would receive the benefit of his great and be invited into our real life with him. With damn right. Boring. Sleekly and totally apart, anything that we have done. We have bought one iota. One tiny bit. Palling with God. Yes, what do we have to drag off before dawn? B really? This do not. The city is on the faces of our work. We will not miss God, it's, impossible. Ask to be done this way. Just on the basis of what we have done. Bye. No! Gregor. And the only way of life. And in your that is mine part. Hello, life if george will be written in they are after hi something. We are not. What? Twenty seven. For it is written, the joys of marriage. You do not there, right, fourth shot. Do not prevent it for the death as many more children than she has. Both forward. Really what it is? Stayed in contact. Prophecy of the restoration of purity. What a cent in this context is that eventually, Jerusalem will be lifted to glory, far exceeding anything ever enjoy the past that people have do not awesome populated what all of the flying through here here is the church, the turkey dance hall. Bye. But you're saying, will freak? That's faithful rember with loving kindness by giving them a heresy. That will eventually innumerable. First wait. Brothers as Isaac wass. As children. So all persons air like Isaac. There is supernatural. Get off, therefore, polish sane, that our theory. Hmm. What? Ishmael tonight. Twenty nine. But as he was born forty for the flash and persecuted, it was foreign, according to the spirit, even though it is not, what were you thinking? The church must endure persecution from our world. That is the one who were out in the world. And usually the natural bus brothers are going to be those who are more, really. I do not have a group. I think you understand that all fiercest enemy. Where? They're going to be ours as well. First, right, never the last. What does the scriptures after about a bald woman and her son? None of the bond woman down block the air? Are the three woman so he's saying here that that girl. Second stepping this being like Christians, but recognized the photo. B at ability, off a different way. And mr, more narrow. You're saying that those who believe this way. Now, individually. This thing, this front step people for calculations were believing has to be rejected so that it doesn't grow within yourself. Get to the place where you are counting on your work, right work. There is. Thirty one. So, then, brethren, we are not children with bond. Not off the three. Bye. Going well, direction. Yeah, you know, one of the things that I i picked up. That I thought it was doing. You some of the very same, yeah, right. Stenz David, through application. Very scriptures that they were was listening right about around joe. Three. Application, one. That really caught my eye. Just tapped out. This kind of bond woman still not here. Breathe. You know, you used that fifty back in the open them that with authority that they have. After the bond, all you are. God was more concerned about a miracle. Abraham sara, in a spiritual rather spenders from Abraham and sarah, had a physical. Bruce found that dog. You got it. Walk. I thought I wrote in my notes, hector. You know, I have been looking up. Right. Gift of God. Yes, it's. Not something that is heard. Our people, nothing that is fired, maintain, relay. Paul a moment. Do I think there goes a long way, lady? You did not three with one another happening. Disobeyed one another, not one dollar. I think that you could have it, really. I lied before, same thing with that, obeying his commands. Jane. However, this is not right that, yes, God and I tried. Go along with that.

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