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commentary: Liberal Lunacy (Part Two)

Miseducation - Another Fruit
John W. Ritenbaugh
Given 09-Mar-13; Sermon #1146c; 14 minutes

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John Ritenbaugh, reflecting on a comment that the current far left political Administration has been made possible by millions of "low information voters," suggested that more people should have been alert to the early warning signs exhibited by Barack Obama, such as his refusal to wear a small American flag, his obvious discomfort and disdain of the American National Anthem, his avid support of abortion (cold-blooded murder of millions of fetuses), his obsessive drive to spend the wealth of our people (our inheritance from Abraham's obedience), putting us hopelessly in debt and economic slavery, his endorsement of perverted homosexual lifestyles and his loyalty to Marxist Saul Alinsky political philosophy. All these were obvious indicators of Obama's nefarious, devious intentions. A large percentage of American citizenry have been hopelessly dumbed-down, totally oblivious to the demise coming upon this nation, perhaps a judgment or punishment allowed by God for our national sins, willful stupidity, and refusal to care about the future of this country.

Usually I hear Rush Limbaugh twice a day: 15 minutes on the way from the office to home, and then, after eating, another 15 minutes as I return to work. He has been using a title of "low information voters" about a number of people who voted in the recent election. He feels that they were a major reason to account for Barack Obama winning the recent presidential election.

A "low information voter" is a person who voted for Mr. Obama, having no idea of what the consequences would be if he became our president again. I had my own thoughts regarding who would win before the election. A number asked me who I thought would win, and I answered them as the progress was being made through the election that I thought that Mr. Obama would win. I had what I thought were my own reasons, but it turned out that they were quite similar to what Mr Limbaugh concluded.

I had my apprehensions about Mr. Obama as early as around May/June of 2008 because I did not like—I was being disturbed by—what I was hearing from his speeches and from news pictures that I was seeing. None of those things that I was seeing were major transgressions, but they were like a flag to me that was giving me a warning. For instance, he refused to wear the small American flag in his lapel. When challenged on it by a reporter, he became defensive and he justified his reasoning. You know, kind of like, "So what?" When the national anthem was played, he seemed disturbed, disinterested, and would not even hold his hand over his heart, in very sharp contrast to others standing around him, especially military men.

But I was far more disturbed—remember, this is still the first election—about the way that I perceive that the American people were responding to what he said during his speeches and interviews, and the positions that he took on things important to me because they involved loyalty to God and the keeping of His commandments.

Now, fast-forward to the recent re-election campaign when this continued. He was very firm in his belief in and promotion of abortion. So I asked myself: If it is the time of the end, and God is bringing America down in fulfillment of prophecies in Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28, would He not install a leader who openly opposed God's laws?

Is it good for a nation to be led by a leader fully in favor of the murder of the weakest and most innocent, and who gives solid support for homosexuality and lesbianism, two sins that God is clearly against in His word? In other words—just to sum this portion up—he seemed to me totally pro-immorality and anti-God. And in addition to that, his economic program would take America even further into debt. Does one overcome debt by going further into debt? It does not seem logical to me.

God makes clear in His word—and this is what really mattered to me—that indebtedness is a form of slavery. Do we want a president who is solidly pro-slavery to lead this nation? To me, that signaled his rebellion—his position. But what also signaled me was that my admittedly narrow, biblical viewpoint that few people (apart from the evangelical block of voters) seem to care. And those other voters were going to vote. Incidentally, do you know that four million Republicans did not vote? That's very interesting, and there was a reason for that, I believe.

During this reelection, this non-caring voters attitude was apparent to me. I had no documented proof, of course; it was just a gut feeling with me. But I think that it turned out to be right. Limbaugh, not so subtly, calls these non-caring voters, "low information voters." He's letting them off from, I think, what he really wants to call them. They overwhelmingly voted for Mr. Obama, and that is certainly their right. However, they seem to have little idea what they were voting for, and perhaps even far more seriously, what would be the effects of what they were giving their approval for with their vote. In short, they voted on the strength of their emotions, not on the strength of an understanding mind. I feel certain that God did not have to do anything to sway the election. The people really did decide it for themselves.

I received an email yesterday from a right-wing website that contain a video of a portion of the Jimmy Kimmel show from several evenings before. The producers, because of the confusion over the word "sequester," sent a young woman out on the sidewalks of Los Angeles to ask passersby a ridiculously simple question about the sequester issue. How much has the sequester issue been in the news? I mean, a ton, brethren. Every news report was mentioning that word, and not a single person interviewed in that show had any idea whatever about what the word meant.

The question that was asked of these people on Hollywood Boulevard was truly, ridiculously off the wall. It was so far off the wall that if people were listening to the news and thinking, they should have known that something was wrong with this question. Their leg was being pulled purposely. And everybody, though, took the bait seriously, thus proving their gullibility to be taken in by a scam in the presidential election.

The question was, "What do you think about President Obama pardoning the sequester and sending it to Portugal?" Though the people we are familiar with the word "sequester" because they had heard it so often in the news reports, not a single person knew what the word means. So, a question for you: Do you know what it means? Were you concerned enough to look up the word and see what it meant, and what all this news about this word was.

Well, if you did not, I am going to tell you what it means. It is a synonym for a word you use very often: sanctify. Sequester means "to set apart." The only difference between the two words is the context in which they are normally used. One is applied in the area of religion, the other in the area of an economic situation. But in both cases, something is being set apart.

I understand that the program producers can edit things to make them appear funny. But I learned yesterday from another report something that is far more serious and reflects on the education that Americans are receiving these days. This is really telling, brethren.

A report came out from the community colleges of New York City that 80% of the students attending City College that have graduated from New York Public high schools cannot read. These are college students, and they cannot read, and yet they received a diploma from a high school in New York City.

If you reflect that back on what happened on Hollywood Boulevard, you can begin to understand what is happening to education in America, and why they do not care. They do not know what is going on, and they do not stop to think about it because they have not been educated in certain areas in their life that they should be educated in as to their civic responsibilities to the United States of America.

We are clearly warned in God's word—there is a message in here for us—to beware of the world. What I perceive regarding individual Americans' allegiance to the nation is that they are so focused on themselves, they do not truly see themselves as part of a huge body of people—300 million strong—called America, and that they have a responsibility to that body. Therefore, they are not truly paying attention to what is going on, and they do not care.

That is what I detected even during the first Obama election, and it continued right through the second one as well. A large number of people do not care.

The church is a living spiritual body. The Father and the Son live in us, and each person is deliberately and with careful forethought placed in that body by our Father in heaven as He sees fit. The church is the forerunner of a nation, the Kingdom of God. And each member of that body has the responsibility to loyally uphold that body so that it functions as God intends. If we fail to perceive our responsibility and follow the same pattern as Americans do in their relationship with America, we will then conduct our lives in the same careless way that Americans do.

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