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sermonette: Guarding Against a Laodicean Attitude

Kim Myers
Given 11-Apr-15; Sermon #1262s; 22 minutes

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Kim Myers, seeing a parallel between the church's drift into Laodiceanism and the physical nation of Israel drifting into a similar tolerant attitude toward immorality and lawlessness, as seen by the continuous trashing of the Constitution and the Federal judges' advocating immorality, warns that we cannot not allow ourselves to backslide, allowing pressure from the world's culture to water down God's laws and commandments. Instead, we are admonished to get off the fence and get back to the faith once delivered. If we revert to the old habits that we practiced during our pre-conversion period, God will be compelled to vomit us out. If we become again entangled in the world's pollution after we have been extricated, our latter state will be worse than our first one. As God's called-out ones, we have witnessed many miracles through the years, especially our miraculous calling. It behooves us to move forward as an energized body, assiduously avoiding the Laodicean mindset of self-satisfaction.

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Anoint eyes with salve Asa Backslider Bad habits Buy gold refined in fire Calling is a miracle Constitution Ezekiel 32:5 False sense of security I Corinthians 10:1-5 Galatians 1:6 Getting off the fence God as our sun and shiled Hosea 11:1 Laodicean attitude Miracles Neither unbeliever nor First Fruit Neither cold not hot Practicing idolatry Psalm 84:11 Putrid sins Relapsing into bad habits Revelation 3: 14-15 Salt losing savor Spiritual Rock as Christ Romans 6:32 ; 8:32 II Chroncicles 15:2 II Peter 1:20 Trials from the world Trials Vomit Watering down constitution Watering down the doctrines Watering down the faith Watering down God's Laws and commandments

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