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sermonette: Israel, Selfies, and Idolatry

Mike Ford
Given 29-Aug-15; Sermon #1283s; 21 minutes

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Mike Ford cues in on the narrative about the religious hobbyist, Micah, in Judges 17, who practiced his own self-devised hybrid of religion, amalgamating some orthodox truth with abundant noxious, pagan admixtures, bringing a curse on himself and his community. Heretofore, when strong leadership existed, idolatry was held in check, but by chapter 17, the train (of undefiled worship) begins to go off the track. We cannot take anything from paganism and use it to worship God. Micah was a thief, having stolen the life savings from his mother, but returned it when she cursed the thief. Upon the return of the silver, Micah's mother blessed him profusely and then she had an idol made of the silver. Micah had procured an ephod and presumptuously consecrated his son a priest. Adam Clarke gives him a pass, claiming he was only replicating the temple in Shiloh and was merely worshiping the true God. But the preponderance of the evidence does not support Adam Clarke's faulty assumption that the ephod was connected only to the worship of the true God. Gideon's ephod, for example, became an idol. Some contemporaries of Gideon and Micah liked to dress idols in ephods, attempting to give them religious legitimacy. Micah and his household had abundant teraphim (or household idols like the ones possessed by Laban), negating the pure intentions ascribed to Micah by Adam Clarke. Albert Barnes makes the absurd assumption that the Hebrew people during the time of the Judges were illiterate. Micah certainly knew the laws of God, but he was enamored of the pagan rites, and tried to blend them into the worship of God. When Micah drafted the young, itinerant Levite, a grandson of Moses, he persuaded him to continue in the syncretized pagan rites. These presumptuous actions of Micah were disgusting in the eyes of God; it is dangerous to extrapolate anything from paganism to worship God just because we personally feel good about it.

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Abortion Accepting world's perversions as normal Adam Clarke's faulty speculations Barnes Notes Desecration of rainbow symbol by homosexual 'community' Ephod Everyone did what was right in their own eyes Facebook posting Gay ' marriage' Grandson of Moses Homosexuality Household idols Idolatry in Israel Itinerant Levite Instagram Judges 2:7; 17; 21:25 Laban's household idola Matthew Henry Micah Micah's idolatry Murder as the law of the land Numbers 3 Paganism Preface, main narrative, and appendix Semantic drift Serving the Baals Shrine Social media Syncretism Tabernacle in Shiloh 10 shekels a year Teraphim Tweets Unsettled times

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