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2 Peter 1:19

The word of prophecy (ton profhtikon logon). "The prophetic word." Cf. I Peter 1:10, a reference to all the Messianic prophecies.

Made more sure (bebaioteron). Predicate accusative of the comparative adjective bebaiov (II Peter 1:10). The Transfiguration scene confirmed the Messianic prophecies and made clear the deity of Jesus Christ as God's Beloved Son. Some with less likelihood take Peter to mean that the word of prophecy is a surer confirmation of Christ's deity than the Transfiguration.

Whereunto (w). Dative of the relative referring to "the prophetic word made more sure."

That ye take heed (prosexontev). Present active participle with noun (mind) understood, "holding your mind upon" with the dative (w).

As unto a lamp (wv luxnw). Dative also after prosexontev of luxnov, old word (Matthew 5:15).

Shining (fainonti). Dative also present active participle of fainw, to shine (John 1:5). So of the Baptist (John 5:35).

In a dark place (en auxmhrw topw). Old adjective, parched, squalid, dirty, dark, murky, here only in N.T., though in Aristotle and on tombstone for a boy.

Until the day dawn (ewv ou hmera diaugash). First aorist active subjunctive of diaugazw with temporal conjunction ewv ou, usual construction for future time. Late compound verb diaugazw (Polybius, Plutarch, papyri) from dia and augh, to shine through, here only in N.T.

The day-star (fwsforov). Old compound adjective (fwv, light, ferw, to bring), light-bringing, light-bearer (Lucifer) applied to Venus as the morning star. Our word fosforuv is this word. In the LXX ewsforov occurs. Cf. Malachi 4:2; Luke 1:76-79; Revelation 22:16 for "dawn" applied to the Messiah.

Arise (anateilh). First aorist active subjunctive of anatellw (James 1:11; Matthew 5:45).

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