7:1  NOW WHEN the wall was built and I had set up the doors, and the gatekeepers, singers, and Levites had been appointed,

7:2  I gave my brother Hanani, with Hananiah the ruler of the castle, charge over Jerusalem, for Hananiah was a more faithful and God-fearing man than many.

7:3  I said to them, Let not the gates of Jerusalem be opened until the sun is hot; and while the watchmen are still on guard, let them shut and bar the doors. Appoint guards from the people of Jerusalem, each to his watch [on the wall] and each opposite his own house.

7:4  Now the city was wide and large, but the people in it were few, and their houses were not yet built.

7:5  And my God put it into my mind {and} heart to assemble the nobles, the officers, and the people, that they might be counted by genealogy. And I found a register of the genealogy of those who came [from Babylon] at the first, and found written in it:

7:6  These are the people of the province who came up out of the captivity of those exiles whom Nebuchadnezzar the king of Babylon had carried away; they returned to Jerusalem and to Judah, each to his town,

7:7  Who came with Zerubbabel, Jeshua, Nehemiah [not the author], Azariah, Raamiah, Nahamani, Mordecai, Bilshan, Mispereth, Bigvai, Nehum, Baanah. The men of Israel numbered:

7:8  The sons of Parosh, 2,172.

7:9  The sons of Shephatiah, 372.

7:10  The sons of Arah, 652.

7:11  The sons of Pahath-moab, namely the sons of Jeshua and Joab, 2,818.

7:12  The sons of Elam, 1,254.

7:13  The sons of Zattu, 845.

7:14  The sons of Zaccai, 760.

7:15  The sons of Binnui, 648.

7:16  The sons of Bebai, 628.

7:17  The sons of Azgad, 2,322.

7:18  The sons of Adonikam, 667.

7:19  The sons of Bigvai, 2,067.

7:20  The sons of Adin, 655.

7:21  The sons of Ater, namely of Hezekiah, 98.

7:22  The sons of Hashum, 328.

7:23  The sons of Bezai, 324.

7:24  The sons of Hariph, 112.

7:25  The sons of Gibeon, 95.

7:26  The men of Bethlehem and Netophah, 188.

7:27  The men of Anathoth, 128.

7:28  The men of Beth-azmaveth, 42.

7:29  The men of Kiriath-jearim, Chephirah, and Beeroth, 743.

7:30  The men of Ramah and Geba, 621.

7:31  The men of Michmas, 122.

7:32  The men of Bethel and Ai, 123.

7:33  The men of the other Nebo, 52.

7:34  The sons of the other Elam, 1,254.

7:35  The sons of Harim, 320.

7:36  The sons of Jericho, 345.

7:37  The sons of Lod, Hadid, and Ono, 721.

7:38  The sons of Senaah, 3,930.

7:39  The priests: the sons of Jedaiah, namely the house of Jeshua, 973.

7:40  The sons of Immer, 1,052.

7:41  The sons of Pashhur, 1,247.

7:42  The sons of Harim, 1,017.

7:43  The Levites: the sons of Jeshua, namely of Kadmiel of the sons of Hodevah, 74.

7:44  The singers: the sons of Asaph, 148.

7:45  The gatekeepers: the sons of Shallum, of Ater, of Talmon, of Akkub, of Hatita, and of Shobai, 138.

7:46  The Nethinim [temple servants]: the sons of Ziha, of Hasupha, of Tabbaoth,

7:47  Of Keros, of Sia, of Padon,

7:48  Of Lebana, of Hagaba, of Shalmai,

7:49  Of Hanan, of Giddel, of Gahar,

7:50  Of Reaiah, of Rezin, of Nekoda,

7:51  Of Gazzam, of Uzza, of Paseah,

7:52  Of Besai, of Meunim, of Nephushesim,

7:53  Of Bakbuk, of Hakupha, of Harhur,

7:54  Of Bazlith, of Mehida, of Harsha,

7:55  Of Barkos, of Sisera, of Temah,

7:56  Of Neziah, of Hatipha.

7:57  The sons of Solomon's servants: the sons of Sotai, of Sophereth, of Perida,

7:58  Of Jaala, of Darkon, of Giddel,

7:59  Of Shephatiah, of Hattil, of Pochereth-hazzebaim, of Amon.

7:60  All the Nethinim [temple servants] and the sons of Solomon's servants, 392.

7:61  And these were they who went up also from Tel-melah, Tel-harsha, Cherub, Addon, and Immer, but they [had no birth records and] could not prove their father's house nor their descent, whether they were of Israel:

7:62  The sons of Delaiah, of Tobiah, of Nekoda, 642.

7:63  Of the priests: the sons of Hobaiah, of Hakkoz, and of Barzillai, who [was so named because he] married one of the daughters of the [noted] Gileadite Barzillai and was called by their name.

7:64  These sought their registration among those recorded in the genealogies, but it was not found; so they were excluded from the priesthood as [ceremonially] unclean.

7:65  The governor told them that they should refrain from eating any of the most holy food until a priest with Urim and Thummim should arise [to determine the will of God in the matter].

7:66  The congregation all together was 42,360,

7:67  Besides their manservants and their maidservants, of whom there were 7,337; and they had 245 singers, men and women.

7:68  Their horses were 736; their mules, 245;

7:69  Their camels, 435; their donkeys, 6,720.

7:70  And some of the heads of fathers' houses gave to the work. The Tirshatha {or} governor gave to the treasury 1,000 darics of gold, 50 basins, 530 priests' garments.

7:71  Some of the heads of fathers' houses gave to the treasury for the work 20,000 darics of gold and 2,200 minas of silver.

7:72  What the rest of the people gave was 20,000 darics of gold, 2,000 minas of silver, and 67 priests' garments.

7:73  So the priests, the Levites, the gatekeepers, the singers, some of the people, the Nethinim [the temple servants], along with all Israel, dwelt in their towns, and were in them when the seventh month came.