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Ucal {Easton's}  Ucal {Hitchcock's}  Ucal {I.S.B.E.}  
Uel {Hitchcock's}  Uel {I.S.B.E.}  
Uknaz {I.S.B.E.}  
Ulai {Easton's}  Ulai {Hitchcock's}  Ulai {I.S.B.E.}  
Ulam {Hitchcock's}  Ulam {I.S.B.E.}  
Ulla {Hitchcock's}  Ulla {I.S.B.E.}  
Ummah {Easton's}  Ummah {Hitchcock's}  Ummah {I.S.B.E.}  
Umpire {I.S.B.E.}  
Unbelief {I.S.B.E.}  
Unbeliever {I.S.B.E.}  
Uncertain; Uncertainty {I.S.B.E.}  
Unchangeable; Unchangeableness {I.S.B.E.}  
Unchastity {I.S.B.E.}  
Uncircumcised; Uncircumcision {I.S.B.E.}  
Uncle {I.S.B.E.}  
Unclean Spirit {I.S.B.E.}  
Uncleanness {I.S.B.E.}  
Unclothed {I.S.B.E.}  
Unction {Easton's}  Unction {I.S.B.E.}  
Undefiled {I.S.B.E.}  
Undergirding {I.S.B.E.}  
Underneath {I.S.B.E.}  
Undersetter {I.S.B.E.}  
Undertake {I.S.B.E.}  
Unequal {I.S.B.E.}  
Unfeigned {I.S.B.E.}  
Ungodly {I.S.B.E.}  
Unicorn {Easton's}  Unicorn {I.S.B.E.}  
Unity {I.S.B.E.}  
Unknown God {I.S.B.E.}  
Unlearned {I.S.B.E.}  
Unleavened {I.S.B.E.}  
Unnatural Vice {I.S.B.E.}  
Unni {Easton's}  Unni {Hitchcock's}  Unni {I.S.B.E.}  
Unno {I.S.B.E.}  
Unpardonable Sin {I.S.B.E.}  
Unquenchable Fire {I.S.B.E.}  
Untempered {I.S.B.E.}  
Untoward {I.S.B.E.}  
Unwalled {I.S.B.E.}  
Unwashen {I.S.B.E.}  

Unworthly {I.S.B.E.}  
Unwritten, Sayings {I.S.B.E.}  
Upharsin {Easton's}  Upharsin {Hitchcock's}  Upharsin {I.S.B.E.}  
Uphaz {Easton's}  Uphaz {Hitchcock's}  Uphaz {I.S.B.E.}  
Upper Chamber; Upper Room {I.S.B.E.}  
Ur {Easton's}  Ur {Hitchcock's}  Ur {I.S.B.E.}  
Ur Of The Chaldees {I.S.B.E.}  
Urbane {Hitchcock's}  Urbane {I.S.B.E.}  
Urbanus {I.S.B.E.}  
Uri {Hitchcock's}  Uri {I.S.B.E.}  
Uriah {Hitchcock's}  
Uriah; Uruah {I.S.B.E.}  
Urias (1) {I.S.B.E.}  
Urias (2) {I.S.B.E.}  
Uriel {Hitchcock's}  
Uriel (1) {I.S.B.E.}  
Uriel (2) {I.S.B.E.}  
Urijah {Easton's}  Urijah {I.S.B.E.}  
Urim {Hitchcock's}  
Urim And Thummim {I.S.B.E.}  
Usury {Easton's}  Usury {I.S.B.E.}  
Uta {I.S.B.E.}  
Uthai {Hitchcock's}  Uthai {I.S.B.E.}  
Uthi {I.S.B.E.}  
Utmost Sea; Uttermost Sea {I.S.B.E.}  
Uttermost {I.S.B.E.}  
Uz {Hitchcock's}  
Uz (1) {I.S.B.E.}  
Uz (2) {I.S.B.E.}  
Uzai {Hitchcock's}  Uzai {I.S.B.E.}  
Uzal {Easton's}  Uzal {Hitchcock's}  Uzal {I.S.B.E.}  
Uzza; Uzzah {I.S.B.E.}  
Uzzah {Hitchcock's}  
Uzzen-sheerah {I.S.B.E.}  
Uzzen-sherah {Hitchcock's}  
Uzzi {Easton's}  Uzzi {Hitchcock's}  Uzzi {I.S.B.E.}  
Uzzia {I.S.B.E.}  
Uzziah {Hitchcock's}  
Uzziah; (azariah) {I.S.B.E.}  
Uzziel {Easton's}  Uzziel {I.S.B.E.}  

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